Angel at War

A Joint with Evil Flowers

Author: ZHANG Jingmei (張靜美)
Genre: Shoujo, Romance, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Publication Status: 5 Volumes (Complete)
ISBN Numbers

  • ISBN for volume 1 – 957-25-0035-X
  • ISBN for volume 2 – 957-25-0926-0
  • ISBN for volume 3 – 957-25-1518-7
  • ISBN for volume 4 – 957-25-2150-0
  • ISBN for volume 5 – 957-25-2444-5
When a devastating meteor struck Earth, Earth’s guardian angel Lyu was so tortured by guilt that she killed herself. Mo Ye, the demon who was in love with Lyu, is determined to find her again. Has he found Lyu’s reincarnation in the human Xiao Tian Nu?

Volume 1:

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Volume 2:


Volume 3:


Volume 4:


Volume 5:



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