The goat is back


To celebrate the new year, Goat Meh Meh returns for a final appearance.

– Wedding: Season 2 v1-2c1-8 [end]

– Glass Mask v39c3-4

Want more releases? Help achieve that by applying for staff.


Trying to get the group back up from twice-yearly releases. Help achieve that by applying for staff.
– Idol-sama no Yoru no Okao v1c5
– Idol-sama no Yoru no Okao v1 extra [end] – Kakan no Madonna v7c37

Easter Resurrection

Oh look, the group is alive.
– Glass Mask v39c2
Want it to continue to be alive? Need staff, not my time wasted by people who don’t reply to email.

Pictures are for amateurs

Long time no see.

New website and new chapter of Glass Mask.

What was the holdup you ask? I was busy spending the summer being frustrated and demoralized by a huge number of staff applicants who joined and subsequently couldn’t complete even one email reply to my asking if they were alive (let alone any scanlation work).

So as you can guess, the group needs staff (particularly Japanese translators). Do not waste everyone’s time by applying if you’re not willing to finish even one chapter’s worth of work and/or if you don’t reply to your email in a timely fashion.

Old downloads will be up when they’re up. It’s a lot of boring tedious work formatting pages for new links.