Mushroom College

Author: Shiu WAN (瑞雲)
Genre: Shoujo, Romance, School Life
Publication Status: 2 Volumes (Complete)
ISBN Numbers

  • ISBN for volume 1 – 7-5405-4169-5
  • ISBN for volume 2 – 7-5405-4170-9

Lin is an average high Lin is an average high school girl who has a huge crush on Daiwen, a popular TV host. Super Pop singer Gonjieh, who is Daiwen’s enemy, transferred 6 months ago to Mushroom College. Phoebe and Jia are Lin’s best friends and luckily end up in the same class. Unfortunately for them, Lienze, the no.1 delinquent in her school and who scares the living daylights out of Lin, also happens to be in her class. To make things worse, Lin’s uncle appears, who she says is the root of all trouble. How will Lin survive?

Volume 1:

Prologue: Download
Chapter 1: Download