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We would love to have you on our team!! If you can complete any of the following tests, please send it as an attachment to shoujomangamaniac[at]


A translator translates manga from its source language (either Japanese, Chinese, or Korean) to English. You may choose one or more tests to complete.

Chinese: test 1 | test 2 | test 3
Japanese: test 1 | test 2 | test 3
Korean: test 1 | test 2 | test 3


We are not currently taking any new proofreaders.

A proofreader checks the translations for grammar and/or syntax errors, and corrects them. Our proofreaders do not necessarily have to be native English speakers, but they do need to be fluent in written English.

Download the proofreading test here.

We are not currently taking any new proofreaders.


An editor does not check the script, that is the job of the proofreader. Editors should be proficient in Photoshop (Gimp is not sufficient) and willing to both clean and typeset a manga, including all sound effects.

Download the editing test here.

Editors who have done work for other scanlation groups may submit a chapter they have edited in place of our editing test.

Quality Control

A QC must find any errors that the proofreader and/or editor overlooked. Acute attention to detail is a must. Editing experience is preferred but not required.

Download the QC test here


A scanner scans the manga pages to be translated and edited. Our group requires scans to be at least 300 dpi, 400 or greater preferred. Debinding the manga is greatly preferred but not required.