Deep Kiss

Author: Kasane MATSUMOTO (克本 かさね)
Genre: Josei, Romance
Publication Status: 1 Volume (Series Complete)
ISBN for Volume 1: 4-25-313511-0

Deep kiss, torrid kiss… A collection of stories about the difficulty in love and making confessions…

  • The Gaze: Nana has been fascinated with Onozato ever since she noticed his cold eyes. When she confesses to him, he tells her he likes a different kind of girl. Will she try to become one of those girls?
  • Deep Kiss: Yuka’s big breasts have always attracted the wrong kind of guy. What she really wants is a guy who will love her for herself and not her body.
  • Magic Fingers: Haruna’s boyfriend, Kazuto, has started spending more time at work and less time with her. Should she be worried?
  • Summer Memories: Yuki moves back home after splitting up with her boyfriend. There she meets up with her old high school friend Kohei.

Volume 1:

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