Kindan Princess

Author: Satsuki SATOKO (砂月 砂都子)
Artist: Jun NANASE (ななせ じゅん)
Genre: Shoujo, Romance, Smut
Publication Status: 1 Volume (Series Complete)
ISBN for Volume 1: 4-81-245953-2

  • Kindan Princess: When a businessman is caught red-handed embezzling, his boss agrees not to pursue the issue if the man will hand over his beautiful daughter, Yuri, to satisfy the boss’ sick pleasures.
  • Toraware Hime: Disappointed that Momoka is 17 and has never shown interest in boys, her mother challenges four boys in her class to seduce her.

Volume 1:

Story 1, Chapter 1: Download (Released by TCMANGA)
Story 1, Chapter 2: Download
Story 1, Epilogue: Download
Story 2, Chapter 1: Download
Story 2, Chapter 2: Download
Story 2, Chapter 3: Download