Piece of Cake

Author: Asakura GEORGE (ジョージ朝倉)
Genre: Josei, Romance, Slice of Life, Smut
Publication Status: 5 Volumes (Complete)
ISBN Numbers

  • ISBN for volume 1 – 4-39-676332-8
  • ISBN for volume 2 – 4-39-676359-X
  • ISBN for volume 3 – 4-39-676382-4
  • ISBN for volume 4 – 4-39-676403-0
  • ISBN for volume 5 – 4-39-676453-7

Shino feels totally lost in her life. When she goes out with her coworker, Masaki, it causes so much trouble that she has to leave her job. Determined to start a new life, Shino moves into a tiny room in an old building in the suburbs. There, she shares a little garden with her neighbors, a couple close to her age. Little by little, Shino find herself more and more attracted to the man in that couple…

Volume 1:

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Volume 2:

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Volume 3:

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Continued by Evil Flowers