Tenshi no Hohoemi, Akuma no Namida

Author: Takarazuka Revue (宝塚歌劇団)
Artist: Chiho SAITOU (さいとうちほ)
Genre: Josei, Romance, Historical
Publication Status: 1 Volume (Series Complete)
ISBN for Volume 1: 4-09-133802-X

Three manga adaptations of Takarazuka Revue productions:

  • Turandot: Loosely based on Puccini’s opera of the same name. After Prince Calaf’s homeland is destroyed by war, he flees and lives the life of a vagabond. After hearing rumors that his long lost father has been spotted in Beijing, Calaf makes his way there.
  • Angel’s Smile, Devil’s Tears: Loosely based on Goethe’s Faust. The fallen angel Mephistopheles resents humans, believing them to be unworthy of God’s love. Determined to prove himself right, Mephistopheles sets out to corrupt humans and drag their souls to hell, starting with Dr. Faust.
  • Hot Flowers of Valencia: After Napoleon’s invasion of Spain, three rebels don masks and rise in revolt against French rule.

Volume 1:

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