Sensual Trigger

Author: Sakuko UTSUGI (空木朔子)
Genre: Shoujo, Romance, Smut, Yuri
Publication Status: 1 Volume (Series Complete)
ISBN for Volume 1: 4-25-313505-6

Five short stories:

  • Erotic Trigger: Koyata can’t keep his hands off his girlfriend Yoshino, his “trigger.” Though she loves Koyata, Yoshino wishes her man would be more romantic.
  • Liar Trigger: Akira is very honest, which is great for his business life but terrible for his personal life. Ririko has feelings for him, but she knows no woman could distract him from his work. Can she handle being just a friend?
  • Mint Trigger: Yumi is under a lot of pressure and relieves her tension through smoking, drinking and sex with her prep school teacher Shigemura. Yumi loves being with him, but their relationship has to remain secret. But her classmate Sekiguchi keeps poking around…
  • Vibrating Trigger: A straight-laced student representative gets more than she bargained for when she confiscates a vibrator from a mischievous classmate! She’s still trying to figure it out when its owner comes to reclaim it…
  • Summer Trigger: It’s summer break and the student representative has nothing to look forward to but her studies. A chance meeting with her mischievous classmate leads to a night of debauchery and fun!

Volume 1:

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