Suki wo Choudai

Author: Kanae HAZUKI (葉月かなえ)
Genre: Josei, Romance, Smut
Publication Status: 1 Volume (Series Complete)
ISBN for Volume 1: 4-25-313507-2

Love controls the world, it’s well known… but it’s also the principle of the characters in this volume of four short stories…

  • Give Me Your Love!: Ai is in love with her neighbor and will do anything to be with him, even it it means just being his mistress…
  • The Snake Kiss: When Sawa runs into an old high school crush, she wonders if he’s still the bad boy she remembers.
  • Funny Couple: When Sui is evicted from her apartment, Noboru offers to let her move in with him.
  • It Sparkles!: Caught between a Bohemian lifestyle and an organized couple’s life, Matsuno Matsuno can’t decide whether to follow her head or her heart.

Volume 1:

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