Love Laboratory

Author: Kotori MOMOYUKI (桃雪琴梨)
Genre: Shoujo, Romance
Publication Status: 1 Volume (Series Complete)
ISBN for Volume 1: 4-06-364077-9

Five short stories:

  • Love Laboratory: The chemistry club is selling a love potion for 500 yen. Riko-chan’s boyfriend, Yuuki-kun, is indifferent to love, while Riko-chan wants to take their relationship to the next level…
  • Merry Kiss: Saya-chan and Natsu-kun are models who have been hired for a photo of a romantic kiss. How can these two strangers take a convincing photo together?
  • Perfect Doll: Kenji learned the magic of puppetmastery from his father. Together with his “doll,” Miyu, he will fight against evildoers.
  • Twinkle Twinkle: By day, Mashiro-chan is an ordinary student. By night, she’s the beautiful thief Star Drop. What will Mashiro-chan do when she discovers that her crush, Mamoru, is working with the police to capture Star Drop?
  • Cupid’s Love Arrow: Whenever someone has relationship troubles, they go to Aya-chan for her advice. Despite her expertise, Aya-chan herself can’t stay in a relationship.

Volume 1:

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