Yan Shi

A Joint with Chinatown KM

Author: Misha (米沙)
Genre: Shoujo, Fantasy, Historical, Adventure
Publication Status: 4 Volumes (Ongoing)
ISBN Numbers

  • ISBN for volume 1 – 978-7-5405-6909-9
  • ISBN for volume 2 – 978-7-5405-6910-5
  • ISBN for volume 3 – 978-7-5405-7641-7

Deep in the desert lies “The Sunset Spring,” an oasis said to take away the souls of men. In the 11th Century, BC, a group of thirsty travelers found this oasis and were pulled in, except for one man – Yan Shi.

Volume 1:

Prologue: N/A
Chapter 1: N/A
Chapter 2: N/A