Frequently Asked Questions

When will you release the next chapter of [TITLE]?

By asking about the status of a particular title, you are almost guaranteeing a delay in work on that title. The staff of this site does not appreciate even the slightest hint of ingratitude from readers.

You haven’t released [TITLE] in a long time. Is it dropped?

Only if it’s in the “Dropped” section of our site.

Do you scanlate licensed manga?

We do not scanlate licensed manga. Once a manga is licensed, our job is finished, so please support the authors by purchasing licensed copies of their manga.

May I suggest a title for you to scanlate?

We do not take suggestions at the moment.

How can I help or join your staff?

There are a variety of positions free, and we are always recruiting. If you wish to help us with scanlations, please refer to the Help Us page.

Can I host your releases on my website?

Any site may host our *.zip files, provided they do not alter the contents in any way.

Please email us for permission to host our releases on online manga viewing sites. Only the following online manga viewing site may host our releases:

Any other online manga viewing site hosting our releases is doing so without our approval and against our wishes.

Please do not host our releases of projects that have been licensed in the United States. Preferably, don’t even keep them for personal reading; support the authors by buying a legitimate copy of their manga.

Can I retranslate your scanlations to another language?

No. You may not use any part of our releases (neither the scans nor the translations) for your own scanlations.

I’ve read your FAQ and know you don’t accept re-scanlation requests, but will you make an exception for me?

No. No exceptions.